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summer ghosts

summer is made for ghosts and ghost stories..

i also associate summer with mysteries for some reason..

so the haunted bookshop mystery series featuring the ghost (jack spenser) and mrs. penelope mcclure is perfect. i think the first book is really nice, a real cozy mystery. the ghost is a hard-boiled dectective who is murdered at a bookstore and then years later the widowed penelope takes over the store and realizes that there is a ghost there whom only she can hear.

i can't wait to read the next story in the series. i want to see how their relationship improves as well as solve the mystery of how the ghost dies.

on a side note... do you know of

here is the page for the book i read.
english version:
japanese version:

there's even a japanese version of the site

do you guys like to read? what books do you like?

2013/08/01 01:26
Thank you for your visit!
2013/07/31 22:22
I like the mystery

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